Cemetery Ordinance 

The Town of Wilkesboro owns and operates two cemeteries – Mountain Park Cemetery and Old Wilkesboro Presbyterian Church Cemetery. Town staff are responsible for the grounds maintenance and maintaining the maps for the cemeteries.

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Mountain Park Cemetery

The Town of Wilkesboro undertook the Mountain Park Cemetery on June 5, 1995. It is located on South Bridge Street and is actively open for new burials. Presently, there are two sections – an old and new. The old section has a total of 370 gravesites in sections A, B, 5, 7 and 8. This section is the only section open for new burials. The new section will have 772 gravesites and gravesites are not yet available for purchase until the old section is full. The old section map indicates that a few names on plots were not recorded prior to our ownership and no grave markers can be located.

Since October 2014 through present, Bill Frawley,Ed.D has voluteered his time at Mountain Park Cemetery to  clean, level and preserve grave markers and locate unmarked graves. During this time, Mr. Frawley has continued further beautification of our cemetery along with creating a comprehensive Excel document that list all burials in the cemetery. A great deal of research was done at the Wilkes County courthouse and funeral homes to find birth/death dates when not listed on markers at the cemetery. Since this time, the volunteers and town staff have located about fifteen graves without markers and has decided to provide simple markers for those graves. A list of burials by names and location [Block.Plot.Lot] will be provided at the end of 2015 or early 2016. If you have questions prior to this time, please contact the cemetery administrator

A discounted rate shall be applied to the purchase of burial rights for any citizen of the Town of Wilkesboro. Please see the current Schedule of Fees for all gravesite rates.

Mountain Park Burials by Name in Alphabetical Order as of 03/16/2017
Mountain Park Burials by Block Order as of 03/16/2017

presb cemetery

Old Wilkesboro Presbyterian Church Cemetery

Old Wilkesboro Presbyterian Church Cemetery is located between South Street and Henderson Street and is closed to new burials. As of March 1987, the Old Wilkesboro Presbyterian Church Cemetery contains 170 marked graves. Eleven graves are marked with fieldstones with no inscriptions. Nine graves are marked with stones, which at one time may have had inscriptions, but are presently illegible. The remaining 150 graves have markers with at least some readable inscriptions. Research indicates that many other persons were buried in this cemetery, but no markers exist at this time to identify the exact locations of those graves. George F. and Joyce D. McNeil gathered this information about the cemetery in March of 1987 and the Town presently administers this information.