The Town of Wilkesboro has implemented a policy that keeps our public drinking water safe from cross connections or formerly known as backflow prevention.  A cross connection is any physical connection between a potable water source and any other substance.  Wherever there is a cross connection there is the danger of a backflow of untreated water or other substances entering the water supply by backpressure or backsiphonage.  To insure the quality of our water, the Town of Wilkesboro requires that any cross connection must have an approved method of backflow prevention.  The following are methods of cross connection control that may be used upon approval of the Cross Connection Control Program Coordinator.

  1. An approved reduced pressure backflow preventer
  2. An approved double check valve assembly
  3. An air gap whereas the physical break between the outlet end of the pipe is at least twice the diameter of the inlet pipe
  4. Vacuum breakers and ballcocks associated with common household plumbing and irrigation systems

A qualified representative of the water purveyor shall have the right to enter any building, structure,  or premise to perform an inspection of backflow prevention devices as deemed necessary for protection of the system.  The consumer shall make all records of testing, maintenance and repairs available upon request.

Guidelines for use of Backflow Prevention Devices

The degree of the Cross Connection Hazard determines the type of Backflow Prevention Device that should be used.  A severe hazard is an actual or potential threat of contamination that presents an imminent danger to the public health with the potential consequences being serious illness or death.  These hazards require a Reduced Pressure Backflow Preventer or an Air Gap.  A moderate hazard presents foreseeable and significant potential for pollution, nuisance, aesthetically objectionable or other undesirable alterations of the drinking water supply.  These hazards require a Double Check Valve Assembly.  If you have any questions concerning a Cross Connection or the type of Backflow Prevention Device that should be used, please contact the Water Treatment Plant at 336-838-4631 and ask to speak to our Cross Connection Program Coordinator, Aaron White.


Cross Connection Control /Backflow Form 

Approved Contractors to Test by Backflow Type:

List of Approved Contractors for Industrial & Irrigation Blackflow Preventers as of 12/08/2017

List of Approved Contractors for Fire Sprinkler List Backflow Prevention Assemblies as of 12/12/2017