This Greenway is a natural area between urban communities where wildlife, vegetation, and streams are preserved and enjoyed. The track is 7.2 miles long from W. Kerr Scott Dam in Wilkesboro to Smoot Park in North Wilkesboro. Although a few of the sections are natural paths and rock dust, the majority is paved and perfect for family walks or bicyling. The greenway is open year round from sun up to sun down, except in certain inclement weather conditions.

The Yadkin River Greenway was created through the cooperative efforts of citizen volunteers, landowners, and the governments of Wilkes County, North Wilkesboro, Wilkesboro, and the State of North Carolina. The effort began in 1994, and the first phase of the greenway became a reality and was opened May 18, 2002. The Yadkin River Greenway Council, a non-profit community organization, provided coordination and leadership. 


Greenway Master Plan

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