They're fast, fun and ready to ride!

Some of the best mountain biking in the Blue Ridge can be found along the scenic shores of W. Kerr Scott Dam & Reservoir in Wilkesboro. The lake is home to over 40 miles of sweet single track with more under construction. The trails at W. Kerr Scott were built by mountain bikers for mountain bikers!


The trails at W. Kerr Scott include: 

0OverMtnTrail  - A 6-mile single track trail on the south side of the lake with a scenic 2.5-mile side loop. This trail links Bandit's Roost Campground to the Visitor Center at the Dam site and offers the most flowing trails at W. Kerr Scott. Nearly every turn is bermed and the climbs are friendly.



 - These 12 miles of trails are some of the more scenic trails at W. Kerr Scott near Warrior Creek Campground. They offer a tougher challenge with steeper more technical climbs and turns. Expect to see more development of these trails in the next couple of years. There’s currently over 7.5 miles of trail with more being built almost every weekend.


Dark Mountain Trails

Dark Mountain Trails - A 7.5-mile network of trails on the north side of the lake. This trail is a steep, tight and fast with good flow and a lot of variety.  

-  Core Trail - Easy, wide with steep climb at beginning. Flat once you reach the top.

-  Entrance Trail - Medium, fun winding single track.

-  The Snake - Hard, single track with tight turns, some rock gardens and steep climbs.

-  Crossover Trail - Easy, short and fairly flat.

-  Dog Town Trail - Easy, flowing Single Track. Easier terrain.

-  Lake Loop - Easy, flowing single track. Long downhill and uphill.

-  Exit Trail - Med/Hard, flowing rollercoaster single track. Short Rocky Section.

-  Ranger Trail - Med/Hard, tight, steep and twisting single track.

-  Fish Dam Creek - Easy. A long downhill or uphill. Beautiful terrain and creek. Leads to Yadkin River Greenway.

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There’s currently more trails being built almost every weekend.  To learn more about trail work or to volunteer check out BMCCFriends of W. Kerr Scott Lake or W. Kerr Scott Dam & Reservoir